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Cast of Ghost Stories reveal their fears

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Actors Steve Rodgers and Jay Laga'aia talk about their fears ahead of opening of Ghost Stories.

Actor Jay Laga'aia has had some frightening experiences onstage.

Playing Mufasa in the Lion King and standing on Pride Rock reciting the show's opening stanza, he momentarily lost his concentration.

"At that moment I thought to myself, have I turned my car lights off?' he told AAP.

"Then it dawned on me that I stopped talking. Then it dawned on me that I didn't know where I stopped talking at!"

With the actors below him shaking with silent laughter, he had to swallow his pride and start again from the top.

Worse, there are moments he's found himself enjoying his own musical numbers from the wings, having forgotten to go onstage.

"So that is one of my phobias... theatre is a cruel thing. It's why I'm always side of stage before I'm going on, double checking with people," he said.


​​Ghost Stories is Rodgers' second show in two and half years after his theatre work dried up due to the pandemic.

Despite 20 years of acting and writing, he found himself teaching at a Campbelltown high school and laying bricks at building sites around Marrickville.

While he did have some scriptwriting gigs and landed a part in streaming series Bump, in 2021 Rodgers began to fear his acting career was over.

"You kind of start to feel like it's not gonna happen again, like maybe I'm done," he told AAP.

But returning to the STC for a workshop he remembered the joy of simply being in a room with people telling a story.



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